Embedded Systems Development

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Requirements & Specifications Development

We formalize plans to implement your idea. With almost 3 decades of experience in embedded engineering, we break your ideas into the necessary details an engineering team will need to develop your product’s features.

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Research & Development

Have an idea, but not sure if it will work? We know where to dig and find accurate, trusted information. We research the practicality, execution, and potential markets for your product idea – freeing you up to carry on business as usual.

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Rapid Prototyping

Not to compare to Dr. Frankenstein, but we're going to help bring your idea to life. Moving from the sketch pad and conference room to an actual prototype moves you one step closer to perfecting and launching your product.

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Firmware Engineering

Whether you just need an extra developer on your team or someone with experience to lead your developers, we'll join forces with you to develop your product. Just like you, we don't want to leave your idea as just that – an idea. We want to help see it to completion.

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Testing & Debugging

Need some help working the kinks out? We can cover that too. Who else knows the product as well as the one who helped you develop, research, and prototype it? We test for optimal UX and work to debug any potential kinks.

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Experience & Specialties:

Platform Development

Low Power

Vehicle Networking

Bluetooth Low Energy


Sensor Integration

Mobile Devices

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