firmware engineering

With extensive experience in the development of real time embedded firmware for a variety of applications and markets, we are ready to help bring your product to life.

We are familiar with several microcontroller platforms, and have developed with various embedded OS options including embedded Linux, FreeRTOS/OpenRTOS, MQX, ThreadX and simple, minimal interrupt driven systems.

Whether your product is a low power IoT device that has to glean a year of life from its battery or a snowmobile instrument cluster, we have probably worked on something similar. Below is a short list of our areas of expertise:

  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Telematics
  • Vehicle Networking
  • Board Bring-Up and Diagnostic Development
  • BSP/MCU Firmware
  • Platform Development
  • Application Firmware
  • RTOS Porting
  • Protocol Stack Development
  • Low-level testing and validation
  • Device Drivers

We are comfortable with a range of development methodologies and will work with your team to achieve high quality, on-time deliverables. We can help you get your platform up and running for the first time, take you from start to finish, or help you anywhere along the way.

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