Research & Development

New product ideas are exciting and lend themselves to a world of possibilities and a long list of questions:

  • Is it feasible?
  • Is it marketable?
  • Who are potential customers?
  • Does something like this already exist?
  • What obstacles may stand in the way?

Once these questions have been answered, a whole new batch crops up:

  • What is the appropriate hardware architecture?
  • Which processor family best meets our needs?
  • Which peripherals are needed?
  • Do we need a wireless module?
  • Do we need embedded Linux, an RTOS, or a simple background loop/interrupt setup?

Finding answers to questions like these can stifle a great idea before it even gets off the ground, especially if your team is already fully allocated to current product development. Let us help you assess the possibilities and answer the questions to jumpstart your new product, allowing your team to remain focused on their primary objectives.

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